Welcome to BrickVantage

Property and Estate Agency recruitment made different


Our Founder

Most recruitment companies have ex-recruiters at the
helm. We have something and someone different. Our founder's unique story encompasses 35 years in the property industry, an
MBA, an MSc and decades of MD-level experience.

Differentiation Strategy

We deliver recruitment from a different standpoint to most—one
which puts the ethical, personal, and coaching aspects first. Our extended range of services and firm focus on facilitating high performance at personal candidate and company
client levels help define us.

Ethics & Society

Our duty to ethical recruitment and giving back to society is
enviable and an inevitable part of who we are. We deliver
recruitment with a firm idea of our ethics to uphold and are
devoted to giving back to the communities we help serve.

The 3 C's

Coaching, consulting & commitment.

Our coaching-based approach to working with clients and candidates separates us from the general recruitment companies out there. We care about our candidates' careers and our clients' companies' success and help coach both to achieve all that is possible.

Meet Andrew

Hello, I've been in Estate Agency for 35 years working my way from Negotiator to Regional Managing Director. I love all aspects of running a business but have always been particularly interested in the people side of the business and how creating strong teams delivers disproportionately better results.

My educational pursuits led me to complete an MBA, where my focus centred on strategy, change management, and competitive advantage through exceptional customer service. As an NLP practitioner, I've delved into understanding effective communication, and subsequently pursued an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change to refine my leadership approach and expand my comprehension of the psychological dimensions of change.

I've often said that had I not chosen Estate Agency, a career in recruitment would have been my alternate path. The present moment feels right to apply everything I’ve learned on the journey so far.

Meet Carolyn

Hello, I started my career in Local Government and had the privilege to lead some high profile partnership projects, before moving in to executive recruitment, specifically headhunting for City companies Harvey Nash and Penna.

I am BPS trained and have run bespoke assessment centres for executive clients and candidates in the private and public sectors. I am also an NLP practitioner and a qualified and practising coach to Executive and senior leaders in the public and voluntary sector.

Clients of BrickVantage will benefit from my in depth experience of recruitment, from analysing strategic and operational need, devising job descriptions and assessment processes that have face and content validity. My unique blend of skills, along with my passion for coaching and recruitment will enable clients and candidates to excel.

Transcending Transactions.

We see a world where the recruitment process transcends mere transactions, with the focus on relationships, growth and support.

In this world, candidates uncover their true values and strengths, and estate agencies create high-performing teams which deliver success..