Create High Performance Teams

We’re here as a long term strategic talent partner to provide service driven recruitment, coaching and consulting for ambitious property companies. Let’s build success together.

Why work with us

At BrickVantage, we're not just about filling roles – we're your talent partners. Our approach is to forge a strong relationship by understanding your businesses goals, culture and specific recruitment needs.

With deep industry expertise we understand the challenges you face and use that to provide tailored solutions to deliver top tier talent that aligns with your unique needs and culture, helping you craft high-performance teams one hire at a time is our specialty.

Our extensive network gives you access to diverse top-tier talent, while our efficient process saves you time and money.

Beyond recruitment, we can provide free coaching to your new employee to support your onboarding process and we’re here to consult on a range of talent attraction and retention strategies.

About Us

Creating high performance teams.

We do this by providing extra value at every step of the recruitment process and in turn that delivers a better outcome.

We start by defining not just the technical skills that you’re looking for in your next hire, but what success in the role looks like. We carefully craft bespoke job specifications and descriptions that sell the unique benefits of the role and your company.

We use our extensive network to advertise to source candidates, as the best are often not actively looking. Negotiation is a key skill for us, so we can help with the offer presentation and potential counter offer scenarios.

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Your true talent partner.

Beyond traditional recruitment, we aim to become your true talent partner, deeply committed to your organisation's alignment and growth.

Our goal is to understand not just the roles you need to fill, but the strategic direction you're headed in. We're not merely recruiters, we're specialist consultants invested in your business.

As your talent partner, we help you build a workforce that shares your values, understands your mission, and contributes to your success.

why work with us